Welcome visitor. It has been a really exciting process for me to develop this site. As my own journey into the world of technology has evolved I've found myself getting more and more interested in the ever increasing use of technologies to improve our way of living. That being said, enjoy your stay on my site.

Check out a few of the projects I was involved in during my M.Tech in Electrical Engineering in NIT, Rourkela.

  • Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Using Microcontroller
  • Estimating the Harmonics in AC Signal using Recursive Least Square Algorithm
  • DTMF Based Appliance Control
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    Check out a few of my Arduino Microcontroller based Projects:

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    You may also find some of my introductory PLC ladder logics useful:

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    Beginners in 8051 Microcontrollers' programming (Assembly language)  may find the following examples useful.

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