The following Ladder diagrams are made for LG PLC in KGLWIN Software.These have been appropriately tested and verified for the Master K-120s Series Economic PLC. If you are making some of your own for your favourite PLC,i.e may it be Siemens, Mitshubishi, Messung etc. just keep in mind the different notation styles (i.e. addressing) and symbols for NO & NC Contacts, Output coils or Relays,Special function blocks such as timers, counters etc. for the PLC you want to program. The PLC manuals or online comunities will be a lot of help in this regard.Follow up my other articles on how to program a few more types of PLCs.


In the following examples the various notations are as follows....


1. P0000, P0001 etc. upto P0012 i.e 18 physical inputs specific to the above mentioned model.

2. P0040, P0041 etc. upto P004B i.e 12 Physical Outputs available(without using any addon modules).


AND Operation:

OR Operation:

NOR Operation:

NAND Operation:

EXOR Operation:

EX-NOR Operation:

2. Basic Start & Stop motor control


3. A basic Timer operation example:

4. A simple up-down counter operation.