• PLC Examples (51)

    Here are some of the Ladder Logic programs I developed for PLC. I am very interested in PLCs used for Industrial automation. I did a three months diploma in Automation and PLC from ACS, Pune. Most of the following examples contain the problem as flash animation. Now, that Adobe Flash animation can't be played by any browser, due to the updated security policies, you can download the files directly to your PC and play them using the Legacy flash player tool (which can also be downloaded from this page). Some of the following articles contain the ladder logic solution, while the rest only contain the problem/flash animation.

    Download all the PLC examples from this link: All PLC Example Animations

  • Image Processing Basics (24)

    All image processing programs to be published here.

  • Digital Electronics (7)

    A few notes on Digital Electronics

  • VLSI - Back-end Design (Tanner Tools) (6)

    This section contains some step-by-step backend VLSI designs of some simple logic circuits using Tanner Tools. I used these examples to teach the students about Lithography (IC Fabrication process).

  • VLSI Design - VHDL (24)

    This sub-category contains the VHDL codes for some common and useful circuits which I have practiced myself and taught in the Lab. All these codes use a bottom-up design approach.

  • VLSI - Spice Codes (1)