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Date of Birth:   8 July 1988
Nationality: Indian



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Ph. D.

Electrical Engineering

National Institute of Technology Rourkela

National Institute of Technology Rourkela




Control & Automation

National Institute of Technology Rourkela

National Institute of Technology Rourkela




Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Purushottam Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rourkela

Biju Pattnaik University of Technology, Rourkela





Govt. Jr. College, Rourkela

Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha





Govt. High School, Udaipur

Board of Secondary Education, Odisha






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  1. D.: Machine Learning-based Sensor Fault Detection Schemes for Plasma Position Control in Tokamak
  2. Tech.: Development and Hardware Implementation of a Phasor Measurement Unit using Microcontroller
  3. Tech Project: PC Based Multichannel Data Acquisition System and Control

WORK EXPERIENCE (Research/Teaching)

Jan 2017 – Dec 2020  NIT Rourkela, Odisha (as part of the Ph.D. Curriculum)

Teaching Assistant

Responsibilities and achievements:

  • As the TA in Instrumentation Lab, I set up an Experiment for calibrating a temperature sensor using the open-source Arduino microcontroller with LabVIEW, in place of the proprietary DAQ module from National Instruments. This demonstration helped students grasp the fundamentals of developing a measurement system's hardware and software from scratch.
  • As my duties as a TA for the Simulation and Computing lab, I set up a detailed step-by-step tutorial for using open-source software (Python) and Hardware (Arduino) to Simulate and build a DC Motor control system.


Feb 2010 – Aug 2015  Purushottam Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rourkela, Odisha


Responsibilities and achievements:

  • As a lecturer, I helped students understand various fields of Industrial Instrumentation, Process Control and Instrumentation, Sensors and Signals, Instrumentation Devices and Systems, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, and VLSI Design using interactive teaching by example method.
  • Being in charge of the Practicals/sessionals, I set up various experiments for the Instrumentation System Design lab on PLCs, Measurement systems using LVDT, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Sensor calibrations, etc. This helped students gain practical knowledge to complement their theory courses.
  • For the VLSI Design lab, I created experiments and instruction manuals using Xilinx ISE (for the front-end design) and Tanner Tools (for the back-end design), which increased the students' understanding.

As the student's project in charge, I have guided more than twenty final year major Projects based on Automation, Microcontrollers, Robotics, and FPGA, which helped the students understand the real-world applications of the theories they have been taught in the classroom. Some of the projects can be found on my web portal


2016                            I had received a BRNS fellowship from 2016 to 2018 when I got selected as a Senior Research Fellow (SRF) in NIT Rourkela.

2010                            I Created an e-learning portal (using Joomla CMS) for sharing the class notes, experiment manuals, programs (codes), technical blogs, and electronic projects (, which helped my students in supplementing their classroom teaching.


Research Interests:

  • Microcontrollers and PLC
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT and Embedded Systems Design
  • Open-source Technologies

 Computer Skills:

  1. Operating Systems: Windows (Desktop), and Linux (VPS and Cloud Computing)
  2. Python (NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Matplotlib)
  3. MATLAB and Simulink, LabVIEW
  4. Xilinx Vivado/ISE Tools for use with FPGA: Xilinx Spartan-3, Spartan -5, Artix-7, Zynq-7, Kintex-7, and Xilinx CPLDs
  5. Arduino platform (microcontroller programming)
  6. Computer hardware assembling, troubleshooting, and networking
  7. Proficiency in use of Linux-based single-board computers (Raspberry-Pi, ASUS Tinkerboard)
  8. Android App Development (MIT App-inventor)
  9. Deployment of Virtual Private Server (VPS) on the Cloud for various self-hosted services


Language Skills:

  • Fluent in English, Hindi, and Odia


  • Ability to lead, support, and inspire students to reach their full potentials.
  • Having the ability to listen to the needs, questions, concerns, and ideas of students
  • Have the ability to produce written handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and class activities to help students better grasp the subject.
  • Have the ability to allocate time to complete work efficiently systematically.
  • Have the ability to work with diverse skill sets and professional backgrounds to achieve a common goal.

I hereby declare that all the information in this resume is in accordance with facts or truths to my knowledge. I take full responsibility for the correctness of the said information.


Debashish Mohapatra

Rourkela – 15/08/2021


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