My PMU Project

  • PMU - Arduino Mega Based Signal Generator
  • PMU - Laboratory Setup of the Prototype Phasor Measurement Unit
  • PMU - Power Supply Module
  • PMU - Three Phase Voltage Sensor For PMU


Here are a few of my Arduino Projects

  • A Model of Automatic Traffic Light Switching
  • Android Gesture Based Remote Controlled Music Player and Appliance Switching
  • Bluetooth Controller Vehicle
  • GPS Based self navigating vehicle with obstacle avoidance
  • Robotic Rescue and Recon Vehicle
  • Wireless Touchscreen based Appliance Control


A few more projects.

  • A BAsic Boost Converter
  • Induction Motor Trainer
  • Just a POwer Supply
  • My First Project - Computer based Eight Channel Data Acquisition and Device Control using the LPT Terminal
  • RLS HArmonic Estimation Using Arduino Due - 1
  • RLS HArmonic Estimation Using Arduino Due - 2
  • Solar MPPT BAsed Battery Charger